Terms of Service

DATFIN is a multi-level marketing system that rewards members with FoodStuffs and Cash rewards.

How DATFIN Works

1. Member signs up and selects a package or select packages and signs up giving his/her details. These information shall be held in confidentiality.
2. Member pays for a package or packages and is logged into the dashboard. Payment can be done via gateway or bank transfer.
3. On member dashboard, member has necessary information including personal details, contact details, account number, Package subscribed to and level, Number of referrers, Amount gained so far, transaction history, Affiliate link, etc.
4. Member can share affiliate link to friends. The more people are referred under him/her, the more referral bonus to the member.
5. DATFIN is a 5x5 matrix. So Once member hits 5 referrals, he grows on the matrix to the next level and is entitled to the cash, gifts and FoodStuffs benefits of that level.
6. Member can be subscribed to only one package at a time. But can also subscribe to other packages.
7. To get paid, there is a withdrawal request which the Administrator will be notified about and will be processed manually.
8. To get the Gifts/Foodstuff, there is a withdrawal request, which the Administrator will get notified and will process a delivery to members.

There are four (4) different packages available

- Site is mobile responsive.
- Site uses DATFIN brands colors which is Leafy green, orange and neutral
- Site has an admin interface that manages membership

The Company
DATFIN DO-SHAKARA FOOD NETWORK LIMITED (DIRECTORS) acting on the basis of Statute, herein referred to as "DATFIN", on one side;
The CLIENT (DATFIN FOOD DISTRIBUTOR) acting on the basis of statute herein referred to as CLIENT has concluded the following:
WHEREAS CLIENT has expressed an interest and a commitment to purchase
1. N900 (SHAKARA)
2. N26,900 (BUMPER)
3. N134,500 (BREKETE)
WHEREAS: DATFIN is the lawful owner of the REGISTRATION PACKAGE, in the N900, N26,900, N134,500 and N269,000 levels hereunder specified, hereby with full corporate authority and legal responsibilities is ready, willing and able to manage the network system effectively

WHEREAS, the parties mutually accept to refer to General Terms and Definitions, as set by both parties with latest amendments, having the following terminology fully understood and accepted. To execute this agreement which shall be binding upon and inure the benefit of the parties, their legal representatives, successor and assigns, in accordance with jurisdictional law negotiated and fully executed contract with terms and provisions hereunder agreed upon.

AND WHEREAS, The Parties, having executed Confidentiality Agreements in contemplation of doing business together.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants and agreements and obligations set out below and to be performed, the Parties agree as follows:


and or
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and or

COMMODITY: Is referred to as being: The benefits the CLIENT gets after fulfilling the required Direct Recruitments or downline Development which is an integral part of this Agreement. (See training slide for details)

CALENDAR QUARTER: Means That any of the packages subscribed for by the CLIENT is valid for 12 calendar months afterwards must be renewed.

INDEMNITY: That the CLIENT has given full permission and authority to DATFIN to trade on his/her behalf the fees paid to DATFIN, and have pledge not to go into any form of litigation with DATFIN in regards to the subscription fee or dispute regarding rewards and commissions.

All disputes can only be resolved by DATFIN management and the CLIENT mutually.

DELIVERY DATE: The date mutually accepted by both CLIENT and DATFIN as the date on which the commissions, rewards and qualified FoodStuffs distribution shall be every Saturday of the week but is subject to amendments should the need arise.

EXECUTION DATE: Is the date of this day, in which DATFIN will receive undersigned by CLIENT Hard Copy return or website registration with proof of payment verified, DATFIN informs the CLIENT per email and or SMS about this date.

PROOF OF REGISTRATION: EMAIL NOTIFICATION shall be sent by DATFIN to the CLIENT with login details, referral link and center name.

INTERNATIONAL BANKING DAYS: Any day on which the banks are open for business of the jurisdiction where DATFIN and the CLIENT are located for those qualified for cash transfers.

DATFIN AND CLIENT thereby execute this agreement in good faith and not under any form of duress or compulsion having read the T&C carefully and agreed to execute.